ChETEC AstroNUclear REPositorieS

ChANUREPS is a platform where members of the nuclear-astrophysics community provide new nuclear reaction rates to make them easily findable, open source and in a simple format. Such rates could be used for many research tasks, e.g nucleosynthesis calculations, nuclear sensitivity studies, comparison when new rates are becoming available and much more.

Nuclear astrophysics requires a diverse set of research infrastructures for progress. Nuclear laboratories to measure nuclear properties and rates, and supercomputers to implement them into the computation of complex stellar models are both critically important. ChANUREPS is developed and maintained under ChETEC-INFRA, a community of research institutes that networks altogether 13 infrastructures from a variety of European countries.

Credits: Daniele Gasparri

How to use ChANUREPS?

Create your reaction rate file

Click below to download your template and fill it up with your data. Add as many rows as you want (temperature in GK, lower and upper limit rate at the level of 1 sigma, and median rate in cm3 mol-1 s-1), just keep the same, standard, format.

Download “template”

rate_template-3.txt – Downloaded 52 times – 294 B

Upload your reaction rate

Use the contact form in the “Contact” section to contact the webmaster and request permission to have your rate uploaded. Please, do include the link to your published paper and any additional relevant information.

Download a reaction rate

Use the search engine below to find the rate you want, or click on the relevant category to browse by reaction type (e.g., click on ‘p_g’ to get a list of published (p,gamma) reactions).